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7th Ave / N Jefferson St

7th Ave / N Madison St

7th Ave / N Monroe St

Albany Mall

Albany Transit Center

Dawson Rd / 12th Ave

Dawson Rd / Baldwin Dr

Dawson Rd / E Edgewater Dr

Dawson Rd / Lake Park Dr

Dawson Rd / Lucille St

Dawson Rd / Lucille St

Dawson Rd / Lullwater Rd

Dawson Rd / Maryland Dr

Dawson Rd / Maryland Dr.

Dawson Rd / Meredyth Dr

Dawson Rd / N Magnolia St

Dawson Rd / Robinhood Rd

Dawson Rd / Robinhood Rd

Dawson Rd / Slappey Blvd

Dawson Rd / Valley Rd

Dawson Rd / Westgate Dr

Dawson Rd @ American Red Cross

Dawson Rd @ Firestone

Dawson Rd @ Merry Acres

Dawson Rd @ Shoreham Apt

Dawson Rd. / Benjamin Ave.

Dawson Rd. @ Kmart

Dawson Rd. @ Northwest Library

Dawson Rd./Whispering Pines Rd

Dawson Rd@ Village Green Plaza

Dawson Rd@ Westwind Apt

N Jefferson St / 4th Ave

N Jefferson St / 5th Ave

N Jefferson St / 6th Ave

N Jefferson St / Flint Ave

N Jefferson St / W 2nd Ave

N Jefferson St / W Broad Ave

N Jefferson St / W Residence Ave

N Jefferson St/ Pine Ave

N Slappey Blvd / 5th Ave

N Slappey Blvd / 6th Ave

N Slappey Blvd / 8th Ave

N Slappey Blvd / Baker Ave

N Slappey Blvd / Eager Ave

N Slappey Blvd / W 3rd Ave

N Slappey Blvd / Whispering Pines Rd

N Slappey Blvd @ Goodwill

N Slappey Blvd @ Red Lobster

N Slappey Blvd/ 11th Ave

Old Dawson Rd / Cross Station

Old Dawson Rd / Lafayette Plaza Dr

Palmyra Rd / 11th Ave

Palmyra Rd / 12th Ave

Palmyra Rd / 13th Ave

Palmyra Rd / 15th Ave

Palmyra Rd / 16th Ave

Palmyra Rd / 8th Ave

Palmyra Rd @ Eastern Seal

Pine Ave / 700 Block of Pine Ave

Social Security Adminstation

W Broad Ave@Chamber of Commerce